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The father and son team that is Twin Oaks Building Solutions brings over 40 years of custom home building and construction experience into every interaction with their clients. Founded on the core principles of Integrity, Qualty and Longevity, a Twin Oaks home is destined to be a generational home enjoyed for years to come.


100 year old oak beam reclaimed from an Amish barn

Besides conventional methods of construction, the team at Twin Oaks Building Solutions has expertise in incorporating beautiful, historic and re-claimed materials into the building process for those times when only that 100 year old beam from the barn on Grandpa's farm will do!

Our Office

We are now located at 10270 Hwy 12 along the beautiful Clearwater River. We are pleased to be the new owners of a truly unique piece of history that will showcase what we do best! Giving ancient timbers new life.​

The Tall Pine Cabin was built around the year 1900. The cabin is a two story building approximately twenty feet by thirty feet. It later had a lean-to kitchen, wood shed and porches added to it. Nearly all the materials in the cabin except for the floors and windows were native materials, most likely cut a few yards from the original site. Big Tamarack log -mud sills served as the foundation and supported floor joists of hewed timbers about eight inches square. The upstairs floor was supported by square timbers thirty foot long running lengthwise of the building.

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